• New challenges for a new Parliament

    July 2014

      The outcome of the 2014 European Elections opens up new scenarios for Europe’s main political and institutional actors. It is time to look ahead to the challenges in the political reform of the policy areas of economy, civil rights, social Europe, energy, enlargement...

  • Redefining Self-Determination in the 21st Century

    April 2014

    Accommodating different nations, ethnic, cultural and religious groups within the same territory is still seen as a democratic challenge for contemporary multicultural states. In an increasingly interdependent world, due to processes of economic globalisation, a great number of multicultural states are experiencing grass-roots demands...

  • CMC advocates for an alternative economic governance

    January 2014

    Thursday (9 January 2014), a delegation of Centre Maurits Coppieters’ board attended a meeting at the European Commission headquarters in Berlaymont with BEPA Officials.

  • Law and Legitimacy: The denial of the Catalan voice

    January 2014

    This article has been written in a key moment where both Scotland and Catalonia are intending to hold independence referenda in 2014. Nevertheless, that is effectively where the similarity ends; there are contrasting legal contexts and differing strategies to  achieve respective independence; each is...

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Jun 25 2014

“Can we really justify the fact that some national groups receive full statehood while others don’t?” wonders Professor M. Jewkes
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May 19 2014

Jordi Solé and Jill Evans discuss the main challenges for the next European Parliament

May 19 2014

EFA director,Günther Dauwen, shares his views on the outcome of the 2014 European Elections
Jaume Garau

May 05 2014

“Brussels, we have a problem” Jaume Garau speaks on EU regional cohesion policies


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